Decluttering Subliminal audio tracks to help you change your thoughts aroudn clutter.

Each audio track has positive affirmations to change the way your brain perceives clutter, decluttering and scarcity.

Each audio includes the subliminal affirmations so you know what you are listening to.

If you don't know why you can't let go of your clutter, why you REclutter, or why you are so stuck...

It's probably subconscious.

These decluttering subliminal audio tracks with re-wire your subconsciosu beliefs around clutter so it becomes easy to stay clutter free.

Get ALL of these audios.

A musical & silent audio option (not actually silent, just barely audible and very discreet)

Perfect for listening while you declutter...

Just in case/what if I need it

I'm stuck making decisions

I am worried about not having enough stuff, or money

My family isn't on board with decluttering

I struggle to find time and/or energy to declutter

I feel guilty about the waste of clutter and decluttering

I am overwhelmed by cltter and decluttering

I don't like the house I live in

I REclutter too quickly and can't control my spending

Sentimental items & honoring memories

For only $17!



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