Everything you need to establish boundaries with generous family & friends, celebrate special occasions in a way that is meaningful to your family and preseve your precious memories!

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Boundaries are hard

Especially when it comes to well meaning and generous people in your life who are giving you things they believe you want or need.

How are you supposed to balance the gift giving of others and still give your family the gifts you want to give them?

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With gratitude and love.

Get a whole bank of conversation starters and scripts to use with your family and friends on the subject of gifts, holidays and general hand me downs and giving you things you may or may not need.


How to ask for experience gifts, and a whole gift guide to help you figure out what would be good for your family and doable for thos giving the gifts.


Your most precious memories are probably buried under your clutter.

Clear the excess so you can honor your stories and memories and frequently bring those items out to reminisce.

express gratitude while still maintaining healthy boundaries and making requests

And get a general idea of what you CAN do, what you can say and what is considered a boundary breech so you can decide your next step if necessary.


Scripts to use with overly generous family and friends

Non-aggressive strategies for managing what people give you

A way to honor and store your family memories

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Antagonistic, my way or the high way suggestions

Passive-aggressive approaches

Settling for feeling disrespected or unheard

ready to take control over your home and set boundaries with love?

Get this simple mini course and guide and start today!

Get All of this AND the bonuses

Sentimental Item Guidelines and Bonus Masterclass

How to handle gifts from family & friends that give too much

How to ask for experience gifts

Special Occasions & Birthdays

Clutter free & simple gift guide



the sentimental clutter, gift & special occasion guide is perfect for you if you...

Need help communicating your lifestyle to family and friends

Need to establish a new way of gift giving and hand me downs in your family or friend group

Want to preserve your family's most precious memories without the clutter

the sentimental clutter, gift & special occasion guide is not right for you if you...

Want to force others to live the way you do

Control everything people want to gift you

still have questions? Let's answer them ?

What is the format?

The bulk of this course is audio/video. The videos do have closed captions for accessibility. There are no worksheets to complete for this course.

How long do I have?

As long as you need! Many moms use this over and over because as their kids get older, their routines and needs change. It's designed to grow with you. We teach you about that in the circular priority model bonus training :)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you know me then you know that integrity is super important to me. That doesn't mean that I don't mess up from time to time (I'm human) but I promise to always provide valuable content, listen to your needs, communicate back with you, and hold everything I do with integrity.

If you get in and use under 15% of the content, and have not downloaded the course content checklist, and don't like it then I am happy to give you a refund. I am pretty darn confident that you are going to get in here and see how life changing this content can be for your home & family.

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Hey, I'm Krista

I’m a mom just like you who has decluttered her entire home.

I don’t teach decluttering in theory, and I will never ask you to do something in your home that I have not done myself.

All the tips and strategies you find in this course have worked for thousands of other moms.

I’m here to help you find that sweet spot of having enough, but not too much, so you can feel less stressed in your home.





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